Sketch Dailies - Shinigami

Theme - Shinigami

This is what I imagine a Japanese Shinigami would be. Mixture of Kabuki and Samurai.

Fan Art - Thoughstronauts

For those who are unaware, there is this amazing comic being made by the talented Rafi Diaz and Lane Garrison. Its witty, deep, and has great art.

With some downtime, and with the game Destiny on my brain, I made some Pearl fanart Destiny style. Please enjoy! And check out the Thoughtstronauts website! :)


Sketch Dailies - Grumpy Cat

Even the Egyptians worshipped the Cat of Grumpiness.

Theme - Grumpy Cat


Sketch Dailies - Siren

I tried to make something more composed. Used more reference than normal, but I really like how it turned out. It also doesnt bother me how rough it is.

Theme - Siren


Sketch Dailies - Blade

He is just awesome. Wesley Snipes at his best.

Theme - Blade


Sketch Dailies - Dr Jekyll

This one was harder for me. Not a big fan of horror movies or the franchise, but here is my take on the obsession that turn Dr Jekyll.

Theme - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Sketch Dailies - Venom

My favorite character in Spiderman is Gwen Stacy, so here is my attempt to bring the theme and her together. Dont drink the coffee Gwen!!!

Theme - Venom