Landscape Warm Up Fail

I bought this great art book of Ryan Lang's at CTN this year and its full of quick landscapes. I attempted to do one of my own... and failed. BUT it is important to learn from our failures. It is overcomplicated and I have too many colors going on. I'll try again tomorrow.

Sketch Dailies - Snow White

Theme: Snow White

I attempted to spend time on textures and details... and then ran out of motivation to finish this piece. Maybe I'll revisit it another time.


Sketch Dailies - Ramona Flowers

Tried a new style of painting for me. Feels good to feel like I'm progressing.

Theme: Ramona Flowers


Sketch Dailies - Shinigami

Theme - Shinigami

This is what I imagine a Japanese Shinigami would be. Mixture of Kabuki and Samurai.

Fan Art - Thoughstronauts

For those who are unaware, there is this amazing comic being made by the talented Rafi Diaz and Lane Garrison. Its witty, deep, and has great art.

With some downtime, and with the game Destiny on my brain, I made some Pearl fanart Destiny style. Please enjoy! And check out the Thoughtstronauts website! :)


Sketch Dailies - Grumpy Cat

Even the Egyptians worshipped the Cat of Grumpiness.

Theme - Grumpy Cat


Sketch Dailies - Siren

I tried to make something more composed. Used more reference than normal, but I really like how it turned out. It also doesnt bother me how rough it is.

Theme - Siren