Gallery Nucleus TMNT Show

This past saturday was the opening night for our TMNT gallery show at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. I havent attended a show at Nucleus for almost a year, but I remember the crowds being pretty large; but the line to get in the door for OUR show was crazier than I remember! It went out the door, down half a block, then around the corner half a block. Many folks waited in line for like, and hour and a half to get in.... Just crazy.

Good times were had and our show/artists definitely brought their A game representing the real talent of this crew!

If you are in the area, check it out!
Fearless Ciro Nieli, Jeff Mazon, Michael Chang, Jermaine Jose, Rie Koga, and Me in the bottom left!

Large crowd and it stayed packed for hours!

This is my turtle shell piece :)
images courtesy of NAS tumblr and Gallery Nucleus


Gnomon - Digital Sculpting - Week 1

As most of you know, I am taking Eric Keller's "Digital Sculpting" course at Gnomon in Hollywood. It's pretty much an intro to Zbrush course (or what he calls "Coping with Zbrush").

My impression so far is that the class itself is going to be amazing. I learned a crap ton just in those 3 hours this past Monday. I dabbled in Zbrush when I went to AI, but it was 4 years ago already, and the software has changed alot.

My classmates were ...interesting. Students take this class halfway through their program, usually term 7, so everyone has already formed cliques and friends. This made for a bit of a difficult time chit-chatting and feeling comfortable Day 1. Luckily, I did befriend one other student, who like me, was taking this as an individual class.

I am really looking forward to the rest of this course. It is 10 weeks, ending in September. The price is crazy expensive, but with the Animation Guild's reimbursement, the 1800 bill goes to about 700, which is atleast doable.

I hope to update with progress every week! If you guys want more info, I take DETAILED notes, so I can share what I learn if you are into that.

Week 1- Interface and Human Skull

This week Eric told us about the history of Zbrush and walked us through the interface. What I found interesting was the concepts behind how the brushes worked and the different types of algorithms the software calculates to make affects happen.

The assignment for week 2 is to sculpt a human skull using reference.

It took me about 2 to 2.5 hours to feel good about my model.

Check out a cool timelapse of me scrubbing through my Zbrush history!

Digital Sculpting - Gnomon Week 1 - Human Skull
from Laura Hohman on Vimeo.


Comic Con Must-Haves List

Comic Con Must-Haves List

After attending San Diego Comic Con for the last 2 years, I have a few people asking me about what to bring. Should I bring a book? A laptop? My professional camera with 2 million lenses? So today, I am going to tell you MY Comic Con Essentials List.

1. Portable USB Battery Charger
This is the BIGGEST must have for SDCC. You will use your phone (or tablet) ALOT during SDCC. You will be looking up events, following/stalking giving-aways and celebrities on twitter, posting your sweeeeet photos on instagram, so making sure you have juice in your electronic devices is a must.

Last year, I bought 1 "lipstick" sized Battery which would recharge my older smart phone 2 or maybe 3 times. The issue, there was me AND my boyfriend, so half the time he had the charger, half the time I did, and it really drained. This year, I purchased a larger one that should charge my same phone 12x, and letting my bf use last years lipstick purchase. Gotta have your phone ready for anything!

Small Lipstick Battery - 10.00
Large Brick Battery - 40.00

2. Card Games
Now, if you dont know me, I am a hardcore book nerd, so every year I bring a book with me, and it just ends up taking up space and weighing my bag down. I NEVER read it. There is always too much to see, too many new and interesting people to talk to.

So I found that waiting in lines, especially the early morning long waits for Hall H, card games have been important for me. Talking to the other con-goers is my favorite part of the experience and when you have... 6 - 8 hours of wait time, card games really break the ice and allow you to have fun. PLUS, they take up almost no space, which is very important (it makes room for one more thing you can purchase on the floor).

So the games I have brought with me and would recommend are:

Once Upon a Time: You make a story based on the cards you draw. Great way to be creative (if its that kinda group)

Gloom : A great game where you have sad families and you try and bless them with happy events (to their chagrin). Best played if you make up stories as you go along, like... why did little Timmy enjoy his bouquet of flowers when he is evil incarnate? 

3. Starbucks Gift Card
Something as simple as having a gift card versus using cash makes a big difference. There are 2 super busy Starbucks in the convention center, and having a gift card will save you from opening and closing your wallet, and from spending too much on liquid sustenance. Also, you can easily hand a gift card to someone else to get you coffee if they are going on a bathroom break, or you can offer to get a cold one for your line buddy you just met.

Why spend that extra money on coffee everyday? Clearly, after getting in line at 2 am, yelling due to pure joy at panels all day, then walking 5 miles around the center and the Gaslamp District, you will understand. I average atleast 1 venti and 1 tall coffee a day during con.

4. PB and Js, protein bars, apples
Snacks. This is one everybody will tell you to bring. Food at the Convention Center is expensive and pretty crappy. You can find great things in the Gaslamp District just outside the doors, but that requires leaving lines and leaving panel rooms, so sometimes that is not an option.

I always vote for bringing food items that wont squish under the weight of things in your bag. That includes, apples, protein/granola bars, etc. I'm also a sucker for pb&js (though those DEFINITELTY squish). Be smart, be prepared.

5. Extra Batteries and SD card for Digital Camera (if you don't have a nice new phone)
Unless you are a professional photographer, I would not advocate for bringing your fancy cam to Con. The less you need to carry the better, and you dont want a fellow nerd bumping into you and breaking it. I have a little Dikon that I carry around with me. I had always brought just 1 extra set of batteries. Last year, at the end of the day, my camera was dead and that was fine with me -- until we met Summer Glau on a street corner! Now I will carry like 20 AA batteries in a pouch. Same goes with your SD card. Be sure you have space to take all the pictures your finger can snap. Things only happen once at con.

6. Meds
 Tylonel, Ibuprofen, Bandaids, and Tums. All that needs to be said about that.

7. Sweatshirt
Even though its the summer in San Diego, it gets cool at 2 am by the water. They also pump the AC in the panel rooms. So bring a sweatshirt. This is the one thing the does take ALOT of space. But, you will be happy you headed my warning. (Plus, you can use it as a pillow if you need to pass out for half an hour in the corner!)

That is really my essentials list. Everything else you bring will be luxury. Some folks recommend little folding chairs or blankets for the line, but you dont really need that. Some say camcorders, but with phones now adays, those and cameras are fairly extinct. Just have fun. RELAX. All those people in line with you have nerd love for the same things as you do, talk to them! Get contacts, make friends.

Every year I look forward to seeing my annual buddies and living it up for one weekend. Even though I live cheap, I am sure to splurge on one SDCC themed restaurant while Im there.

Keep watching for other SDCC prep posts!! (next on how to be "In the Loop" at SDCC)



Planning for Loki

My friend Candice is an amazing lady. Included in her many skills is a love and talent for cosplay. For the last 2 years, she's been trying to get me to dress up at Comic Con with her and I finally decided that I would this year! Her group is doing a gender swap comic character thing, so, naturally, I love villains and go with the most epically badass; Loki. I mean, how can a gal resist!

As a beginner, I love the idea of doing a gender swap. The costume doesn't have to be completely accurate, and I can manipulate/design it to my preferences. After mulling around a few ideas, I came up with my design for my Lady Loki! Some things I had to consider was the heat of San Diego in the summer, comfort, and amount of skin I don't want to show.  I designed a dress and then a crop jacket with a sash thingy for extra badassness. I may also try and do gauntlets if time permits. So, we shall see! :D Wish me luck!


CTN is coming!

Its a week away!! Who else is excited?!

This year is the convention's 5th anniversary and Tina has a lot of awesome stuff planned. If you have never been, and you have a passion for animation, you have been missing out.

Why should you go to CTN?

1. Well EVERYONE is there! Creators of your favorite shows and movies, indie stuff, artists, directors, twitter friends, and more. Go mingle and meet folks.

2. Burbank. CTN is in Burbank, which is still the heart of animation, dare I say in the world. You are within driving distance to Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and many more studios.

3. The Content: Now, here is really where the show becomes worth it! Tina has amassed such an amazing array of artists to give workshops, lectures, and demos for all 3 days that you wont know what to go see because its all so incredible.

4. The Exposure: Meet and interview at tons of studios and get a job!

5. THE MERCH! This is one of my personal favorite things about CTN. There is an "Artist Alley" where you can buy books, prints, originals, and tons of other stuff directly from the artist. Supporting your peers and helping peoples dreams come true!.... and get pretty and inspiring things :D

This will be my 3rd CTN, 2nd year volunteering and love to be involved with this organization. Everyone is so passionate and really want to spread the animation love. My recommendations for people: My most memorable lecture every year is Steve Hickner's Career talk, dont miss it. Full of a lifetime of experience, getting just a nugget of that is worth the hour and a half. Also, go to CTN after dark. Hand out business cards, critique each others work, hang out and talk shop. Lastly, I would recommend to talk to your idols. They are there, and real people. Its now or never!

Hope to see you all there!



Working on Xmas Stuff

Spending some free time working on a Christmas Print that will also be a card. Here's the beginning of epicness! And it's so true...

When DONT cats make trouble?


Still Life Complete!

I owe a big thank you to several folks who really helped me dial this in. Lauren Addy, Aaron Nosan, Brittany Drew, and Gabriel White. It is pretty darn close now... I am calling it a night! (There is always improvement to be done)