Sketch Dailies - Siren

I tried to make something more composed. Used more reference than normal, but I really like how it turned out. It also doesnt bother me how rough it is.

Theme - Siren


Sketch Dailies - Blade

He is just awesome. Wesley Snipes at his best.

Theme - Blade


Sketch Dailies - Dr Jekyll

This one was harder for me. Not a big fan of horror movies or the franchise, but here is my take on the obsession that turn Dr Jekyll.

Theme - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Sketch Dailies - Venom

My favorite character in Spiderman is Gwen Stacy, so here is my attempt to bring the theme and her together. Dont drink the coffee Gwen!!!

Theme - Venom


Sketch Dailies - Mary Poppin-Lockins

Tried something in a different style.

Theme - Mary Poppins


Sketch Dailies - Poison Ivy

Trying again :) This time I wanted to tell more of a story. Batman doesnt always win.

Theme - Poison Ivy


Sketch Dailies - Hermione

First drawing in a LONG time. But Ive felt inspired lately :)

Theme: Hermione