The Yellow Feather

A freelance project I did just got funded on Kickstarter! Good for Lincoln and the whole team! Check them out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1519165855/the-yellow-feather-a-horror-fantasy-film

Here is the creature I textured :)


Korra Fanart - Bolin

So, friends are doing awesome Korra fanart. I couldnt just sit back and watch idly.

My favorite character by far is Bolin, and his adorable friendship with his pet, Pabu. Good times and amazing series.


Sketch Dailies - Spidey Gwen

Theme: Spidey Gwen 

Trying for a different, more graphic look.


Valentines Day Card!

This year I made my own Valentine's Day card for my boyfriend, and I couldnt help but make it full of dark humor.

Hope you like it!


Happy Holidays Cheer!

This year has been crazy, but not as crazy as the Holiday cards I'm sending out!

I'm grateful for so much this year and looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. A lot has changed, but I feel for the better. I've grown up and am focused on what I want. 2015 will be MY year.


Landscape Warm Up Fail

I bought this great art book of Ryan Lang's at CTN this year and its full of quick landscapes. I attempted to do one of my own... and failed. BUT it is important to learn from our failures. It is overcomplicated and I have too many colors going on. I'll try again tomorrow.

Sketch Dailies - Snow White

Theme: Snow White

I attempted to spend time on textures and details... and then ran out of motivation to finish this piece. Maybe I'll revisit it another time.