Planning for Loki

My friend Candice is an amazing lady. Included in her many skills is a love and talent for cosplay. For the last 2 years, she's been trying to get me to dress up at Comic Con with her and I finally decided that I would this year! Her group is doing a gender swap comic character thing, so, naturally, I love villains and go with the most epically badass; Loki. I mean, how can a gal resist!

As a beginner, I love the idea of doing a gender swap. The costume doesn't have to be completely accurate, and I can manipulate/design it to my preferences. After mulling around a few ideas, I came up with my design for my Lady Loki! Some things I had to consider was the heat of San Diego in the summer, comfort, and amount of skin I don't want to show.  I designed a dress and then a crop jacket with a sash thingy for extra badassness. I may also try and do gauntlets if time permits. So, we shall see! :D Wish me luck!


CTN is coming!

Its a week away!! Who else is excited?!

This year is the convention's 5th anniversary and Tina has a lot of awesome stuff planned. If you have never been, and you have a passion for animation, you have been missing out.

Why should you go to CTN?

1. Well EVERYONE is there! Creators of your favorite shows and movies, indie stuff, artists, directors, twitter friends, and more. Go mingle and meet folks.

2. Burbank. CTN is in Burbank, which is still the heart of animation, dare I say in the world. You are within driving distance to Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and many more studios.

3. The Content: Now, here is really where the show becomes worth it! Tina has amassed such an amazing array of artists to give workshops, lectures, and demos for all 3 days that you wont know what to go see because its all so incredible.

4. The Exposure: Meet and interview at tons of studios and get a job!

5. THE MERCH! This is one of my personal favorite things about CTN. There is an "Artist Alley" where you can buy books, prints, originals, and tons of other stuff directly from the artist. Supporting your peers and helping peoples dreams come true!.... and get pretty and inspiring things :D

This will be my 3rd CTN, 2nd year volunteering and love to be involved with this organization. Everyone is so passionate and really want to spread the animation love. My recommendations for people: My most memorable lecture every year is Steve Hickner's Career talk, dont miss it. Full of a lifetime of experience, getting just a nugget of that is worth the hour and a half. Also, go to CTN after dark. Hand out business cards, critique each others work, hang out and talk shop. Lastly, I would recommend to talk to your idols. They are there, and real people. Its now or never!

Hope to see you all there!



Working on Xmas Stuff

Spending some free time working on a Christmas Print that will also be a card. Here's the beginning of epicness! And it's so true...

When DONT cats make trouble?


Still Life Complete!

I owe a big thank you to several folks who really helped me dial this in. Lauren Addy, Aaron Nosan, Brittany Drew, and Gabriel White. It is pretty darn close now... I am calling it a night! (There is always improvement to be done)



Hey Webbers!

Nick has released the premiere of Season 2; Saturday, October 12th at 11/10c. Without saying much, let me tell you, it's going to be bigger, badder, and better than ever! (Can you spot Casey Jones?)

Again, I just want to say how proud I am to be a part of this great team! I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work on this project right out of school and cant wait to see how everyone responds to this next season!


Still Life Update

After slowly working more on my still life, I am ready for some feedback. Here it is! Thanks.
Model thanks to digital Tutors.


Keeping it Fresh - WIP

Hey web world!
I am in the process of working on some stuff at home to keep skills up to date, and just wanted to share a wip of this still life. I got the geo file from a Digital Tutors tutorial, but I unwrapped and have been texturing everything myself. Hopefully I can finish it this long weekend! Here's hoping!